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  1. Case / Farmall - International Harvester
    Hello, I recently bought a 1956 Farmall cub with an IH carburetor, and I had a question about the IH carburetor. Even after rebuilding the carburetor it still leaks gas out into the choke area and onto the ground whenever the gas is turned on and the tractor isn't running. So this is...
  2. Case / Farmall - International Harvester
    I recently purchased a new carb for a 1972 Farmall Cub. The tractor runs fine at idle but when you rev the engine it dies as if its starving for gas. Also when you shut it off the carb drips gas as if the needle isn't shutting off the flow. Anyone have any suggestions?
  3. Cub Cadet
    My Cub 1525 has525 hours on it and has been well maintained. All of a sudden, it goes like hell on the level forward and reverse, but won't move on any kind of grade, even the smallest. I have replaced the main drive belt with no luck. Any advice? I am about to junk the tractor if no one has any...
  4. Introductions
    :usa: Hello all, new to this forum!!!! From West Liberty, Ohio. I, along with some brothers and cousins have some tractors and Hit and Miss engines we are taking care of, fixing up, and having fun riding on with our kids!!! We are looking to buy a couple, but only have weekends to really get...
  5. Tractor Shows and Industry News
    The second annual Cubarama sponsored by J.P. Tractor Salvage will be next week-end - Sept 26 & 27 at Fredericktown MO. We attended last year for the first show and had a great time. The show is cubs and cub cadets only. For more info check out the website:
1-5 of 5 Results