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  1. Repair & Technical Discussion
    I'm hoping to find someone familiar with this 7304 (with bucket & backhoe) the starter quit the other day i was able to get it going with a couple taps. Replaced it. and now I have power and a small single click when i turn the key. Battery tests good same with the alternator. Fuses are also...
  2. Buying & Pricing
    I'm new to riding mowers in general and have been watching and researching for the past couple months. Someone is selling a Cub Cadet LT2138 series 2000 for $640. It does have 590 hours though. How long do these last? I know it can vary based on how well maintained but I've read that a lot of...
  3. Cub Cadet
    Greetings, I have a Cub Cadet LTX 1046VT that is being temperamental. I had the machine running and was about to start cutting. When I engaged the PTO the machine stalled. I was unable to deactivate the PTO in time to prevent the stall. After the stall I was unable to restart the machine...
  4. Repair & Technical Discussion
    I'm looking for a service/repair manual for my cub cadet ex3200. Searched but didn't find it. In particular, one of my hydraulic filters got crushed and I thought I may as well change the fluid when I change the filter. Needing directions for changing it as well as what kind of fluid. The owners...
  5. Cub Cadet
    Hello All, I caught the disease, I am thinking of buying another tractor! The one I am thinking of buying is a IH Cub Cadet 124, and the guy is asking $400. Is it a good deal, or could I ask him to go a bit lower? It does start and run but does not have a deck, it has the wrong seat, would...
  6. Repair & Technical Discussion
    hello, i am new here and hoping someone can give me some advice. I made the mistake of pushing my cub cadet 54 niche signature mower while still in gear. Ever since then, when i first fire it up it won’t move. But if i rock back and forth in the seat it eventually does move and then doesn’t do...
  7. Buying & Pricing
    Hello! At first I would like to apologize for my english and warmly greet you from Poland. Cub Cadet is quite new brand in Poland. I dint't find any information about it on ours forums and reddit. I'm intrested in LT1 NS96, but I looked forward on US google and didn't find any reviews and users...
  8. Cub Cadet
    I have a CC with a Kohler Command 20. The tractor quit on me twice after running fine. No fuel in fuel filter both times. Here is what I have done so far. Blown air through both ways in and out of gas tank. Checked fuel solenoid seems to be working at least when it starts. Cleaned main jet in...
  9. Cub Cadet
    I have a cub cadet 5254. Lost hydraulics to deck and pto first. Then lost hydraulics to steering and it stopped moving forward and reverse. My question is does this tractor have a hydraulic pump and transmission or are they both combined in the transmission? Does this sound like a pump issue or...
  10. Cub Cadet
    I have a Kawasaki FR651V 21.5 hp lawn mower engine with starting issues. I used to start it by choking it and as soon as it turned over I would pop the choke off and it would run. But I couldn't get it restarted once it was hot. I would have to let it cool for 1/2 hr and then it would start up...
  11. Cub Cadet
    So last night I was driving my Cub Cadet 3235 in the dark. I was going at a pretty good clip when SLAM I ran head on into the cast iron septic vent pipe which stopped the tractor dead in its tracks and dented the deck pretty bad too. I was able to back the tractor out from the pipe, but then...
  12. Cut Size Tractors
    Yanmar - Cub Cadet SC2400 Parts Manual 769-03821
  13. Cut Size Tractors
    Yanmar - Cub Cadet SC2400 Operator Manual after 6-10
  14. Cut Size Tractors
    Yanmar - Cub Cadet SC2400 Operator Manual 710847
  15. Cut Size Tractors
    Yanmar - Cub Cadet LX490 Parts Manual 769-06831
  16. Cut Size Tractors
    Yanmar - Cub Cadet LX450 Parts Manual 769-07034
  17. Cut Size Tractors
    Yanmar - Cub Cadet LX410 Parts Manual 769-07033
  18. Cut Size Tractors
    Yanmar - Cub Cadet LX410 LX450 LX490 Operator Manual
  19. Cut Size Tractors
    Yanmar - Cub Cadet EX2900 Parts Manual 769-03643
  20. Cut Size Tractors
    Yanmar - Cub Cadet EX2900 EX3200 Operator Manual
1-20 of 32 Results