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  1. Repair & Technical Discussion
    So I just removed the old clutch and the way it was in was with the pulley facing the motor. The new clutch I got has a spacer inside preventing me from putting it in that way and has a caution sticker saying to have the coil face the motor not the pulley. So if I put the new one in the only way...
  2. Repair & Technical Discussion
    I recently had a new clutch installed on my 684. The pedal has a new, not ICI let pulsing sensation when depressing the clutch when it just starts to engage. It almost “feels” like the bearing and clutch aren’t parallel with each other. You only feel the pulsing when the first contact is made...
  3. Mahindra / Lenar
    I am on my 2nd clutch on my Mahindra 1533 shuttle. First one only got 292 hours and now the second one got 71 hours. Of course Mahindra and the dealer is trying to say operator error. The hubby and I are the only 2 that operate it and I grew up on manual clutches (motorcycles, tractors, lawn...
  4. Repair & Technical Discussion
    My clutch was stuck on my 41 9n. I replaced it the pressure plate, pilot bearing and throwout bearing. Now the it feels like the throwout bearing isn't making contact with the pressure plate at all. Could I have messed up something? Any help is appreciated!
  5. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Hi. I have a problem with a clutch pedal in my Case 5130 tractor. It works fine when pushed but it coming back up very slow. What may be a reason? How to replace a clutch cable assembly (P/N 1534504C1), i.e. what parts to remove to get to it?
  6. Troy-Bilt
    my troy bilt 17hp pony lawn tractor won't move when i let out the clutch? it has done that a few times in the past, but only for a few seconds, but now it's more serious. The engine is fine and starts right up but as soon as i engage the clutch it kills it! help please
  7. Massey Harris-Ferguson
    Hi! New to this forum with one of those need to know just now questions... We're replacing the clutch on my MF35x. The old clutch bolts, that attach the clutch to the flywheel are stretched so we want to put new ones in. We have found new bolts (1.5" 5/16"UNC) - and they have three notches...
  8. Repair & Technical Discussion
    I have a 2009 New Holland TL100A. I've never had any problems until now. I accidentally popped the clutch and killed the motor, now no fire anywhere. No dash lights, the starter does not engage, there is difficulty moving forward/ reverse shift lever. The gear shift works fine. I was wondering...
  9. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Tractor slips in 3&4 in both turtle & rabbit Seems to run in 1&2 Was wondering if hydraulic pressure could cause this if filter was clogged or a bad relay There is a relay for 1&2 and another for 3&4 Any suggestions on what to look for
  10. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Have a massey ferguson 1552 dyno It is slipping in 3 & 4 ,on turtle or rabbit Lower gears 1 & 2 seem to work. Clutch plate seems to engage. I was wondering if hydraulic pressure could be causing this or bad relay I believe there is a relay for 1&2 and another for 3&4. Anybody have any suggestions
  11. Kioti
    I have a 2016 Kioti CS2210 with 120 hours on it which I use generally for mowing and snow blowing in the winter. I have performed all the manual-specified maintenance at the specified intervals including replacement of the fuel filter. While mowing yesterday morning i noticed that the...
  12. Craftsman / Sears
    Hello out there in tractor land. I'm the relatively proud new owner of the above early 70's garden tractor. I surprisingly won it at auction (not running) and have replaced a bunch of ignition parts so that now it does run. When I attempt to get her to move I get no response from the clutch...
  13. Repair & Technical Discussion
    My Case IH 4210 MFWD with Cab and the 16x8 transmission (partial power-shift) won't shift into low range. I can shift into high range and reverse with no issues. Rabbit/turtle power-shift working fine too. When I try to shift into low range it'll just grind gears. Need new clutch? Or is there...
  14. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Hey all, So first post and new to tractors. Just got a 12 acre farm in Ca and am looking to have a small homestead with all the fixings. Right now I have a late 70's-early 80's tractor that I've been bringing back to life. The engine is solid and the hydraulics and PTO all work. Right now my...
  15. Repair & Technical Discussion
    First time posting. I just picked up a Cub Cadet 7260 for cheap because the guy said it wouldn't go in reverse. I got there and it wouldn't move at all. This is a manual. The clutch is adjusted as much as it can be and there is still 4"-5" of free play. I realize it needs a new clutch, the...
  16. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Hello all, I have already watched the videos available for replacing the clutch and it does not seem that difficult. However, I have yet to find exactly what else that I should replace while the tractor is split apart. I did find mention of transmission seal on an earlier post, but when I...
  17. Ford / Jacobsen
    Are there any Replacement PTO CLUTCHES for Ford LGT-100 K-241 Kohler? Any help would be greatly appreciated! The tractor I bought runs great but the PTO Clutch is literally rusted through. Trey
  18. Ford / New Holland
    I've got a 1988 Ford 3910 diesel. It has a high and low lever for the transmission. The high gears began to slip and then stopped working all together. I can still run pretty well in the low gear range. Do I need to replace the clutch?
  19. Attachments, Implements & Accessories
    I am looking for help identifying a bush hog I recently purchased. I bought it as a Brown Tree Cutter. It is extremely heavy duty. No identifying marks on it, all the labels gone. I need to buy the correct clutches and any other associated parts. I measured and purchased clutches that would...
  20. Massey Harris-Ferguson
    So I've got a '68 Massey Ferguson 2200 loader here, that was running and working great 2 days ago when I parked here. This morning, she doesn't move. Starts and runs just fine. Clutch has normal resistance. Goes into every gear, high and low, and shuttle forward and reverse just fine. But the...
1-20 of 21 Results