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  1. Tractors
    Kioti does not have a pdf available so I scanned mine. High Resolution Full Manual. Its too big for this site. Message me if you want link
  2. Buying & Pricing
    My last post disappeared so I'll try again... There's a poll attached to this post so please vote and help me out! I'm trying to decide between a new Kubota L3301HST and a new Kioti CK3510HST. I'll be doing both loader work and brush hogging in about 4 acres. I'm listing some pros of each...
  3. Kioti
    Hi All! Complete beginner here. I just purchased a ck3510 last Wednesday 4.8 hours on it so far. I took it up to my field to do some brush hog work, and like an idiot (I know don't remind me) I tried to engage the pto without the clutch. There was grinding, and I quickly let go of the lever...
1-3 of 3 Results