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  1. Bolens
    Info I was given and probably can't get any more info other than this....we are dealing with an old 3212H 120ST Bolens. Drive belt has been changed out and it runs again. Problem is now apparently drive is reverse and reverse is drive, please tell me it's an easy fix?
  2. Bolens
    I think I have a Bolens 1455 but pictures I've found on sale boards don't match up? They usually have 1455 on the side of the hood and no hood scoop. I have a hood scoop and a overhead tecumseh engine and the only markings are FMC Bolens on the front of the hood. Three speed and two speed...
  3. Bolens
    Hello, all I am new to Wisconsin engines and Zenith carbs but not new to repairing engines. I just bought 3 Bolens husky 1256 tractors with a bunch of spare parts and attachments. I had a running engine but it had a major oil leak thru the head and burned a lot of oil because of a warped head. I...
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  5. Buying & Pricing
    I've had a Bolens 1900 Eliminator with a 48" mower deck and 42" snowblower since 2003. The tractor is Model 1966 made in 1984. The fuel pump was just replaced, the carb was just rebuilt with gaskets and needle valve, new spark plugs and oil changed in the engine and hydro. It runs great and...
  6. Bolens
    Hello, I have a Bolens 2000H 5020H lawn tractor and I need to figure out if a bagger will fit on it. I checked the charts posted on this site and don't see my tractor on any of the PDF's as an option. Am I missing them, or is it listed under a different number I am unaware of? The bagger for...
  7. Bolens
    Hello, I am looking for a Mower Deck for my Bolens 1477. I believe the Bolens part number is 18048 or 18049 (not sure of the difference). Does anyone have one for sale or know where I might find one? This may be a silly question, but are there any aftermarket decks that fit? I am located in...
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    Bolens 683 Series Box Frame Tractor manual
1-8 of 8 Results