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  1. John Deere
    I noticed a leak on garage floor a couple of weeks ago. Just noticed this when I took tractor out today. Tractor wasn't turning smoothly. Front tires were bucking/jerking. Photos attached. Is this difficult to fix?
  2. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Hello tractorforum, I have the front axle hub apart on my L3130 (4x4). I want to replace the seal that goes between the hub (part with lug nuts) and gear/knuckle housing. The part # is 34070-13370...I attached a diagram, it is 060 or 180 on it. It is basically two outer rubber seal...
  3. Massey Harris-Ferguson
    So I've got a '68 Massey Ferguson 2200 loader here, that was running and working great 2 days ago when I parked here. This morning, she doesn't move. Starts and runs just fine. Clutch has normal resistance. Goes into every gear, high and low, and shuttle forward and reverse just fine. But the...
1-3 of 3 Results