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  1. Repair & Technical Discussion
    68 ford 4500 TLB, 3cyl diesel, Started it up yesterday, ran for 3 min or so, was moving it at idle speed and it just stopped. No noise, just quit. Now it will not turn over. The starter is less than a month old and has given me no trouble; you can hear it engage. The battery has a fresh and...
  2. Ford / New Holland
    After about an hour my machine won't go as fast in forward or reverse and within moments won't move at all.... Revving up the engine does nothing. After letting it sit for a couple hours it's back to normal. I've been through the usual, changing fluids, new filter, I cleaned out the radiator...
  3. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Hi everyone, Just after opinions on a transmission issue I am having with an old Ford 4500 industrial (loader/backhoe). It has the "Power Reversing Transmission" where you selct a gear and then operate via a foward/reverse lever on the dash - no clutch. Machine was operating well, then stood...
1-3 of 3 Results