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    I have a 1978 Ford 420 tractor that I'm needing a steering cylinder for. Anyone have one they are willing to sell? It has been a hard part to find.
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    There is a bypass to reroute oil for the winter past the cooler, but I don't know where it is, does anyone know about this?
  3. General Lawn Garden Tractor Forum
    How’s it going all! New here! Recently got a Steiner 420 with a kubota WG600-B motor. The machine has 2,801 hours.. I’m having issues when the machine is under load. It idles fine & strong! But once I start going it starts to bog out. Has anyone had any issues like this? Trying to trouble shoot...
  4. General Lawn Garden Tractor Forum
    I've got an old 420 with the Kohler motor that is about dead. I'm trying to figure out whether to replace it or tear it down and rebuild it. Any advice will be appreciated!
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    This is a Ford Operators Manual for the following Tractors: 231 335 420 515 531 532 535
1-5 of 5 Results