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  1. Oliver
    I inherited grandpas 1650 diesel. After some much needed services she was up and running. How ever 5th and 6th gears would only grind. Would not even slip in with the engine off. I only use it around the place to blade the driveway and such. Well now after 5 years she is down to only 2nd...
  2. Snapper
    Im building a front end loader and a backhoe for my Snapper 1650. I hope you will follow along and check it out. I have pictures , Ill have more later. So far I have managed to completely disassemble my tractor, thought I might as well rebuild it too.
  3. Introductions
    Im new to this forum, so Ill explain what I have and what I am Doing. I have a Snapper 1650, I think its about a 1974. Anyway I am building a front end loader and a backhoe for it. It should be interesting, so you can follow me here.
1-3 of 3 Results