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  1. Massey Harris-Ferguson
    Main Parts List Hydraulic Pump Drive Coupler, 708639M91, $70 Pump Drive Shaft Assembly, 707166M92, $135 19 GPM SAE-B 13 spline counter-clockwise rotation Hydraulic Pump, HGP AL13S-B02-220L, $172 Hydraulic Filter Assembly, 1042326M1, $34 Various hydraulic fittings, adapters, and hoses We...
  2. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Our Massey Ferguson 165 tractor's fuel gauge has never worked. The fuel gauge was bad but I was able to order a new one (p/n: 1074336M9) for $20 here...
  3. Massey Harris-Ferguson
    my pto will not go in reverse will work find in forward took top cover off and looks like it is moving the the rear ok is there something I am missing here. also at the same time the 3 point is not wanting to go back up looks like the fluid is thin I just replaced it last summer with some...
1-3 of 3 Results