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Craftsman 855C
Rusty, lol but soon to be yellow & white
Bought from a member of MyTractorForum in December 2021. I'm the 3rd owner
Here is my latest project that I picked up, along with a spare engine last year in December 2021 from a member of MyTractorForum. It has an HH60 6 horsepower horizonal shaft Tecumseh engine. It all started with me seeing this tractor somewhere on the forum but I forgot where and remembering the fella having it, then meeting the fella at a local tractor show and expressing interest in it saying "if you ever wanna sell it let me know". He then sent me a message saying he was thinking of selling the tractor and asking if I was still interested in it, needless to say I asked if I can come look at it and then went to his house to look at it and then struck a deal. When I bought the tractor the fella I bought it from said he bought it from a kid to restore it, but was never gonna get around to it so he offered it to me before he put it for sale on Facebook Marketplace. The kid was gonna scrap it when the fella bought it! I am now the 3rd owner as far as I know. So far all I have pretty much done to it is taken the engine and starter generator off, taken the ignition key switch out, took the old battery box off and had new pieces made to replace the rusty pieces, took the voltage regulator off, took the gas tank off cleaned it out and painted it, took the hood and front nose off, and painted a few parts as well..

The tractor is currently getting restored. See thread here below........


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yanmar 2210
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That's gunna be a Sweet Ride when u get done!
Stay in touch with some pics pls
Happy Thanks Giving to you and yours!!!