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J. I. Case
Orange and Cream
wide front end, Case Mower trip mechanism
Traded a project diesel tractor for it a few years ago.
I originally put this in the shop to do some maintenance, and repair a few items. This is a working tractor; from May thru September, it runs nearly every day moving an irrigation gun. I intended to spruce up the paint, but it was'nt sure how far to go and where to stop on the repainting. As the tractor runs great, I refused to dismantle every piece just to paint it.
I started painting the items I was working on as follows:
  • dismantled the front end and painted it while working on the steering
  • painted the fenders and wheels while adjusting the width of the rims (to mop down less hay)
  • painted the operators area while replacing gauges, and welding on the PTO guard
  • painted portions of the engine while the hood was off for work on the thermostat and belts
Add a new front tire, sediment bowl, and a clutch brake pad, and its ready for spring. I am normally the guy that looks at someone’s project to judge how original it was restored too. However, since “original” for this unit was solid orange with a little bit of black, I took a few liberties with cream-colored highlights. Think orange swirl ice cream.


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Thanks for adding your tractor Gary, what a beauty!
And thankyou for doing a great write up!