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3910 FWA
I've had this tractor 7 years or so. I bought this tractor from the original owner. It spent it's life on a Sod Farm. I put in a new clutch, new rear tires/rims, replaced seals in the front axle and had the injector pump rebuilt. Also rebuilt the 3pt lift cylinder which would seep down. I built the front bumper which serves as a weight rack and will also accept a hitch receiver.

I paid $8,000 for the tractor and spent another $2,000 in repairs and updates.

It's a diesel with the mechanical shuttle 8x4 trans. Rear diff lock. Power Steering. Independent 540 PTO. Draft Control and Position Control 3pt with telescoping sway links. Two rear remotes with individual flow adjustment. Also has flow adjustment for all of the hydraulics which will adjust the speed of the 3pt as well. Individual locking internal oil rear brakes plus a locking hand brake that stops both the rear and the front driveshafts.

I average 200 hours per year of use. Very handy light duty chore tractor.


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yanmar 2210
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Man I like that MONSTER You have there!!!!
When I 1st started looking at tractors I saw a lot of fords. Good and bad news.
But that's a Monster (Love it)
Happy Thanks Giving to you and yours!!!