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    1. tractor beam
      tractor beam
      Planenutz? I got you covered!
    2. planenutz
      how do I remove a classified add once item is sold?
    3. mbotticelli
      dude, justsaw a pic of ur lawnmower... nice ride man! ever think about pulling with it?

      tractor pull !!!
    4. wjjones
      Thankyou I try to catch them when I can to share, and save them.
    5. HickoryNut
      Walt, another great avatar pic!
    6. trucker101
      I just read our message history and I see I got most of what I said done. Plus I built a set of stairs & a small deck to go with them for our old mobile we are working on here for our spring/summer home, as my oldest stepson lives in the big mobile full time.I also did some window repairs on it, so I've been busier than I thought! No wonder I'm tired! LOL... I'll be looking for the pix, sounds good. ...Bill (aka Trucker)
    7. trucker101
      Keeping busy getting everything around here ready for winter, it'll be here any day now, LOL. And getting ready to head to Yuma for a few months.
      How bout you, whats new?
    8. rackatack123
      ha do u know y i have oil in my 65 massey starter
    9. TennDirtdigger
      hey neighbor.......haven't been on in a while....took on a job driving Martin Methodist Athletes.....was suppose to be a 20 hr a week job.....has been closer to 55hrs a week....Was in Indiana last week end, Atlanta Ga as we speak, Dayton Ohio next weekend, plus 4-5 local runs through the week.....so no I'm nowhere near ready for the winter...lol.....did pick up a 24ton wood splitter a few weeks back....tows behind your truck......looks great....paid $400 for it....thought I stole it.....I haven't even cranked it up since I brought it home....hope things are going well with you and yours...

    10. jterres
      I have a question. How do I post it?
    11. wjjones
      Finally RAIN!!!!
    12. TennDirtdigger
      What about it home boy.....been bustin my rear-end.....mowing, garden....taking down a 30'X90' greenhouse....always something....everything doing ok over in your part of Tennessee....
    13. kiramarie
      damn profile.. photo... ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    14. kiramarie
      holy crap... I made an album... good god it took me hours.. but IIIII diddd ittttttt
    15. HickoryNut
      Walt, where is thios Avatar pic from??? Reminds me of the Blueridge Mtns when I was a youngster. Mighty Fine!
    16. dangeroustoys56
      I forget what thread it was on- you mentioned about craftsman's having an indent for 'mowing throttle position' - i was out mowing with my 99 weedeater and noticed it - i actually didnt have any issues with it cutting out at all when engaging the deck ( manual lever). Weird, i never seen/noticed it before tho- had the thing going on nearly 4 years now - lol!
    17. TennDirtdigger
      Well Walter....I bit the bullet....Found a Kubota ZG 222 w/ 48 in deck. Has 103 hours, was bought new in April this year. Still has 3 yrs of warranty that's transferable. Looks like it just rolled of show room floor. Found in on Craig's List. Guy up in Clarksville thought he needed to add a smaller mower to his fleet of large z turns. Found it was doing a lot of siting around. I saw the ad 2 weeks ago. He was wanting 6200.00 for it. After a lot of wheeling and dealing I got the mower, a plugger and seeded/fertilzer for 4500.
    18. TennDirtdigger
      yea...I have 4 within 30 miles or less...but I haven't bought yet....my JD is really going through the oil....got to bite the bullet soon....
    19. TennDirtdigger
      I'm considering a Hustler.....thought I would read around on here and see what others are happy with...
    20. wjjones
      Yep we have to take whatever we get with the weather..if i where you i would keep the 318, and rebuild it at your own pace no rush, or hurry.. When you have had one that long its hard to let it go..Hope everything is well with you as well its good to see you back on here..wjjones.. What kind of zero are you looking at?..
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