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    1. Ferrari
      Hi, I'm new to this forum thing but was wondering if you could steer me in the right direction, I have a Ferrari 76 Tractor that wont shift properly and now it wont go into reverse. I'm not sure if it has shims in the linkage system or what. It has One shift lever and It is supposed to do everything from 5 speeds forward and 5 back wards.
    2. geoff l
      geoff l
      I hope your not too uncomfortable, an have plenty to keep you occupied while your in recovery, when I was laid up recovering from a hernia opp I thought of all the things I would enjoy when back up and running.
      That kept me sane, trouble is now I'm doing those things, some of them are not as rosy as I imagined...;-)
      Joking aside, sounds like you have a fine family and friends.
    3. three20seven
      I have the same series 2000 but it is the 16/42. I am slowly cleaning it and replacing parts as I go. Quick questions... When you pwash them to you remove the hood and front plastic or just try and work around them? Where do you source parts for this tractor? I am needing bushings/bearings as well and probably will need to find other parts? And last but not least, I have a leak on the right front tire and air is leaking out near the bead on the rim. How much detergent did you use and do you recommend it for this type leak? I am going to take the tires off the rims and clean the rust etc then paint them so they look presentable.
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    On the state payroll
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    1996 Ranch King
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    Dad, husband, brother, nephew, cousin

    Tractors, guns,military history
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