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I purchased a new TYM tractor from Ocala Tractor 1 March 2019
Tractor Problem history T3941. Was only getting Med and high gear right from the day I got the tractora. Took to Southern Tractor in AL and they said they put another linkage on the tractor2. Tractor fan shroud hits the fan and the tires hit the loader frame just days after purchasea. Took to Southern Tractor in AL they said the loader frame was loose3. Same as above but less than before… Tractor fan shroud hits the fan and the tires hit the loader framea. This is still an issue but the problem is 2x worse when the backhoe is attached4. Hydraulics leak down relatively quick when the engine is off… even with the back hoe offa. Took to Southern Tractor in AL they said they replaced a leaking valve but this is still an issue5. Back hoe leaked hyd. fluid from control valve from day one.a. Took to Southern Tractor in AL… they found a cracked control valve and it was replaced.6. Third function valve quit working after I put standard bucket on to wash the bucket off with a hose. I then changed back to grapple the same day and the valve didn't worka. Took to Southern Tractor in AL… they replaced something with the 3rd function7. Auto throttle button quit workinga. Took to Southern Tractor in AL… not quite sure what they did to fix it but when I got the tractor back the tractor wouldn't go into low gear again8. When I got the tractor I was missing a few items that got sent to me but the draw bar didn't fir correctly and looked used.
a. I had to modify the draw bar so it can be used with the back hoe attachment frame.
i. Still an issue
b. Missing top link from the 3 point hitch.
i. Was replaced by Ocala Tractor9. The tractor is not going into low gear again… NOTE: the leaver hits the metal cutout beside the seat and always did.
a. Repaired at Ocala Tractor10. 27 Sep 2019… A week to the day after getting the tractor back from Ocala Tractor the Auto throttle button quit working for the second time.
a. Called Ocala tractor and they are working with TYM
b. Still an issue
I have owned the tractor now for 6 month and it has been in my position only of those six months. The rest has been in various TYM approved repair facilities. The most recent event required me to take the tractor to the place of purchase (Ocala Tractor) they had it for about 2 months. When I got it back it ran properly for a week.
My time is valuable and I have not mentioned or asked for compensation but I can't keep being the nice guy. The Ocala dealership is 10 hours round and the Southern Tractor dealership is 4 away round trip…I have accumulated quite a few miles on my brand new truck that has mostly been used to haul this broken tractor back and forth for repair. I retired from the Air Force and I have always stood up for what is right... and this is not right.
I am an experienced tractor owner. I owned a Kubota L3301 before this and have rented and used many other pieces of equipment.
When I was on the phone with Ocala tractor they told me TYM wasn't showing any record of my tractor being in for repair at any other facilities. Either someone is trying to cover up the history or someone has made a mistake. I don't know of a dealer that would repair a tractor 5 times and not get paid… Especially when I didn't purchase it from them. One of the parts they replaced was a backhoe hydraulic valve… not a cheap part.
I don't bash companies on the internet but do plan to post my experience. If the issues are resolved they I will post that as well.
Oh one other thing. I asked for help from TYM, and they did respond. They asked for the serial numbers and they knew when and where I purchased the tractor. I promptly got the information they requested. Then they just broke off contact. I made 3 additional attempts to make contact with nothing but silence… They could have told me anything but to just quit talking is not the proper way to handle the situation.
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