Unusual Uses for Tractors

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    It is common knowledge that tractors are useful in agriculture, serving many farming purposes. You can use a tractor for tilling, disking, plowing, planting, or harrowing. Another way to use your tractor is to attach a box blade and bush hog your pastures. By loading up the bucket or front loader, you can transport materials to different locations around the farm. To say tractors are versatile, multi-purpose vehicles is to speak the truth. So versatile are tractors, in fact, that they have been used for the unimaginable, the unthinkable.

    A resident of Vermont by the name of Roger Pion is just one of many individuals who stepped up to the plate to show us yet another tractor use. Apparently Mr. Pion was upset at the local police force due to being brought up on charges of marijuana possession and resisting arrest. Rather than take his punishment like a man, he decided to exact some revenge and he did that with a tractor. If you have ever seen monster trucks in action, you know what type of damage they are capable of doing, especially to a series of cars lined up in a neat little row. Well, tractors can boast much the same capability, as demonstrated by Mr. Pion. He took a tractor and drove it over eight police cars, collapsing roofs and crushing hoods. He also demolished all of the electronics inside. The actions of Mr. Pion are a clear example of what not to do with your tractor.


    There are other, non-criminal things you can do with your tractor, however, and one such case of this took place in Georgia at the hands of a man named Lee Fletcher. When conducting work on his tractor, Mr. Fletcher noticed a dangerously large rattlesnake nearby. The snake was approximately 5 feet long, easily large enough to deliver a lethal dose of venom to a human being. To prevent this from happening, Mr. Fletcher raised the bucket of his tractor and lowered in onto the snake, pinning it until dead. A future as a belt is in store for the diamondback rattler.


    Yet another case of stepping outside of the box with a tractor took place in Christchurch, Dorset. An unnamed farmer decided to take the controls into his own hands when his winter feed supply was lit on fire. Rather than stand idly by and watch his livelihood burn, the man took his tractor into the flames. As area firefighters sprayed water on the scene, the farmer pushed into the fire, spreading the burning embers to enable water to better reach them and thus douse the fire more quickly before he was faced with an even greater loss. Brave, yes, but also quite dangerous.

    Whatever you do with your tractor, please do it safely and legally. None of the stories mentioned here are meant to be inspiration for attempting something reckless. As always, stay safe when operating your equipment and leave the daredevil antics in the weird news and movies where they belong.

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