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    The benefits of a track tractor are many, but is such a tractor right for you? Making this decision requires taking into account the type of terrain you wish to operate on as well as the cost you are willing to assume, be it both in initial purchase and maintenance expenses. Track tractors have many impressive capabilities, and spending your money is unfortunately one of them, so thoroughly taking this into account before you buy will help you be better prepared in the long run. You may decide the increased amount of time than can be spent in the field rather than weighting and ballasting as well as not having to adjust tire pressure or change tires is worth the difference in price.

    Track tractors behave and manipulate differently than tire tractors. For example, if you have a heavy draft load, you will experience reduced steering. However, if you are working on rough terrain, you will experience a smoother ride as the tracks bridge ruts and gaps in the ground whereas a tire can drop and fall into them. On the flip side, if you run your track tractor across hard surfaces, the ride will be rough and you might even experience some vibration. Also better is flotation; in wet conditions the tracks are less likely to sink due to their greater, even surface area. Hill climbing, be it up or down, can result in the occasional wobble at peaks and bases due to the way weight is distributed, but do not let this fool you as you will actually get more stability out of a track tractor on hillsides due to its ability to maintain traction.

    Turning and maneuvering is superior in a track tractor over a tire tractor. Some models come with an ability to counter-rotate, giving you zero-turn capabilities, although you need to be aware that counter-rotation on end rows can cause berming. It is also possible to turn from a stationary position which is handy should you find yourself in a tight spot, but if you utilize this ability with an implement attached, beware of the possibility of jackknifing that implement. Speaking of implements, hookup is easier due to more precise movements. Track tractors are also more convenient to transport due to a narrower footprint than tractors with double or triple configurations. Traversing openings such as gates is also easier and less time consuming because of this.

    Consider the type of jobs you do with regularity and compare your needs to the tractors currently on the market. Doing the same job more effectively and efficiently but having to spend a little extra on your machinery and maintenance may prove to be surprisingly worthwhile. After all, time is money.

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