The Popularity of Vintage Tractor Seats

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    Two very popular movements these days are repurposing and upcycling. They are very similar in their goals, which are to reuse and breathe new life into items otherwise destined for a landfill or trash heap. There have been a lot of very interesting items subjected to repurposing and upcycling which have resulted in some really neat, fascinating, and unusual items being born of creativity. These movements have taken on all sorts of things to make new again, one of which is tractor tires, which was discussed on here not too long ago.



    Something else that has proven to be a large part of repurposing and upcycling are tractor seats. The old metal seats which look terribly uncomfortable have become all the rage lately. They are being used for a multitude of new designs, mostly in trendy chairs and barstools, but also in art. Metal tractor seats have seemingly taken over popular culture. They are fetching surprisingly high prices not only in retail outlets, but also as raw material and in the form of a repurposed bar stool or something similar. Sometimes they are paired with wood to make chairs and other times they are paired with industrial springs which have also been repurposed or upcycled.



    It is interesting to watch as people fawn over something that was once a way of life on the farm. Many farmers' rear ends spent long days in the seat of a tractor and I am sure they never thought in their wildest dreams that those seats would someday be so hip and desired, yet that is exactly what they are. In fact, there are some creations that go for more than $600.00 although closer to $200.00 seems to be a more normal expectation. However, some seats alone sell for around $175.00 before being refinished in any way.


    With all of this in mind, it almost makes sense to scour your barn and see what could be lurking out there. You never know what you might stumble across and that has potential for repurposing into something new. What you create may be able to brighten your own home or smay even ell for a surprising sum of money should you wish to part with it. Perhaps it can even work as yard art, as many old machines are beginning to do with vintage tractors are being turned into planters left and right.


    While modern tractor seats are far more comfortable than those of days past, it is a shame that they, too, are not so riveting. The metal seats of tractors long gone are living on, but the foam and padding used to make tractor seats of today will likely not age as well and be so highly prized in years to come. Cushioned seats will of course still be prized by those who have such seats under their bums, however, so let's hope the padded version lives on for a long time to come!

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