The Large & in Charge Case 500 Quadtrac

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    The 31st annual Dakota Farm Show was held this week in Vermillion, South Dakota. The DakotaDome was estimated to see nearly 26,000 spectators throughout the duration of its exhibition run, many of them marveling at the new and constantly evolving equipment on the market these days. One such piece of equipment garnered quite a bit of attention, both for its looks and its price tag.


    A vendor from a nearby South Dakota town brought a pricey piece of equipment to display and hopefully sell. This prized piece is none other than the Case 500 Quadtrac, a beast of a tractor weighing in at 56,000lbs, which is large tractor that is hard to miss. Priced at $490,550 for the Dakota Farm Show, this tractor offers 507hp with its 6-cyliner, 12.9-liter Powertrain Technologies engine and full powershift transmission. It is outfitted with 4 tracks and is capable of achieving speeds up to 25mph with its frame articulated steering. With a 20,000lb standard lift capacity and pressure flow compensated hydraulic system, this is one serious tractor capable for getting serious work done, although it does also come with a serious price.

    As someone with small time farming in mind, it is highly unlikely I will ever see a day when this type of tractor is necessary on my farm. However, if you operate a large farm for a living, it is understandable why a tractor of this caliber is something you would enjoy having in your arsenal. In addition to impressive performance capabilities, it is engineered with operator comfort in mind. It boasts a seat that swivels 40 degrees which improves your field of vision and better allows you to monitor implements without craning your neck. It also has a cab suspension system which gifts the operator with a smoother ride in addition to a multi-control armrest which puts your controls right at your fingertips. This is definitely not your grandpa\'s tractor, boys and girls. This tractor has grabbed ahold of technology and brought it into the field. This is good, but is also a lot to take in and can be overwhelming if you\'re upgrading from equipment that existed in a simpler time.


    If meeting your needs requires a tough tractor with workhorse capabilities, the Case 500 Quadtrac certainly has plenty to offer in terms of getting work done. With large axles designed to cover vast acreage you can carry up to 66,000 pounds of operating weight, all while burning less fuel but not sacrificing or compromising performance. This type of tractor is not only for some a necessary way of life, but is also the large and in charge tractor that gets the job done and has you home in time for dinner.

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