Snow Chains for Tractors

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    Just because it is winter does not mean work obligations come to a standstill. There are still driveways to plow and animals to feed. Ice and snow are inconveniences that will get in the way of getting that work done. Tempting though it may be to call in a snow day and not haul a round bale out to the back 40, that is simply not an option for many of us. The show must go on, regardless of weather conditions.


    One way to combat ice and snow is with tire chains for your tractor. Snow chains can help you gain traction on slick terrain where hard-packed snow and ice are present. By affixing these chains to your tire, you will increase your ease of maneuverability and enable your tractor to dig in and go rather than spin tires and slide. The price of snow chains will vary depending on the size of your tractor and how many wheels you have to outfit, such as with dual and triple-wheeled tractors. You may also want to outfit only rear tires as opposed to both front and back tires. It may be enough to have chains only on one pair of wheels, or you may need an extra push by adding another set; this choice will be condition dependent and unique to you based on the weather obstacles you face.

    Once you have decided on the chains you wish to use, practice driving with them before harsh weather is present. You need to not only get acclimated to how your tractor will handle with chains but also need to make sure the chains fit properly and that you are comfortable putting them on and taking them off. There is no time like the present for preparedness; waiting until it is below zero to get the hang of using a new set of chains is asking for trouble. For example, if the chains appear too loose, you may need to further inflate your tires. If your tires are properly inflated but you still have slack in your chains, stabilizing them with bungee cords could be all the fix you need. Even if it is an easy fix, don\'t wait until the last minute to find out that you need a fix.


    Always be sure to use tensioners appropriately to balance the chains on your tire for even wear. Align both your inside and outside chains with the center of your side wall and assure distribution of chain across the tires is spaced evenly. Once your chain is securely in place, you will be ready to brave the elements. Be safe out there and stay warm!

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