Savings Available Now on Craftsman Lawn & Garden Tractors!

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    While meandering around Sears this evening, a sales associate informed me that Craftsman Club Saver Days are here. I was not entirely sure what she was talking about but I thanked her anyway and went on about the business of gawking at things I cannot afford. As it turns out, however, Craftsman Club Saver Days makes it easier to afford those things, or would if I were a member, which I am not (yet). I should get on the ball and change that because there are some good deals to be had and I am clearly missing out as per the usual.


    As it turns out, the Craftsman Club is basically a rewards program for purchasing Craftsman items. You get points with purchases made that you can use towards discounts and dollars off of future purchases. Many stores have rolled out similar programs; this one just so happens to be the one in effect at Sears. For every 2,500 points you earn, you will receive $5.00 off of eligible Craftsman merchandise. It goes up from there in terms of money spent equating to rewards, but the basis is always the same; every 2,500 points is equal to $5.00. Even if you spent $25,000, you get $50.00, but the math remains the same.

    The exclusive member deals currently being offered run through January 11th, 2014. Prices posted online show significant savings for members and might be worth taking a look into if you need to stock up on Craftsman products. Other benefits of membership in addition to savings include being kept in the loop about new Craftsman products and services as well as being emailed plans with which you can complete a project of the month.


    Best of all, however, are the deals on lawn and garden tractors. This time of year may not be when you need a new lawn tractor the most, but it is absolutely when you can get a great deal on one. In fact, there is a garden tractor available at a nearly $2,000.00 discount thanks to this promotion. Regardless of the time of year, that is worth taking advantage of. There may not be much lawn and garden work to do right now, but the grass will be green and yard/garden work will be piling up before you know it.


    I know we all have our own tastes and are partial to our favorite brands, but if you have tool or equipment needs to be met and find Craftsman to be an acceptable brand for purchasing, now is very much the time to get what you need at a great savings. Even if you are a new member with no points accumulated just yet, you still qualify for a discount as long as you are in the club. Saving money is important to many of us, and an opportunity is being extended to us to save some right now through January 11th. If you want it, it is there for the taking and big on the savings!

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