Repurposing a Tractor into a Motorcyle

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    Repurposing is all the rage these days. Old, nearly lifeless items are often born again as something else entirely, brought back from the brink to do a new job. It is really interesting to see the capabilities of both people and machinery when it comes to such transformations. Giving items second chances keeps them out of landfills and enriches our lives, filling them with appreciation for things nearly from this world gone. I truly enjoy seeing items take unexpected new shapes and performing surprising functions.

    Tractor restoration is a popular hobby, but what if it is not a tractor that you would like as the end product? What if you want to take your tractor and repurpose it into something else, something new, different, and unexpected? For the mechanically inclined, a project such as this can be great fun. Those with not only the vision to dream but the skill to create have a way of making the unbelievable believable after all, by placing it right before our eyes.


    If you told me you could make a motorcycle out of a tractor, I might have laughed or even rolled my eyes. In doing that, in suggesting that I did not believe, I would have been very, very wrong. Even looking at pictures might have had me shrugging it off, and again, I would have been incorrect. What an awesome quality it is to have, being able to come up with a vision and make it a reality. I do not have such a gift, but I am intrigued by those that do.


    Making a motorcycle or bicycle out of a tractor is a surprisingly achievable feat. I cannot tell you how it is done, but a man by the name of Larry Medwig can. Mr. Medwig hails from Concord, Ohio and is known for his work with motorcycles which is often described as 'legendary.' An example of his work is pictured below and featured in the video at the end. Before you ask, yes, it runs and is rideable. While this creation is artistic in some respects, it is not art that sits around and collects dust. It is art that moves and can take you along for the ride.


    This motorcycle was built by hand with the body of a Farmall Cub tractor. Black iron pipe serves as the frame and an International Harvester powers it. The transmission is a 3-speed Crossly and has a reverse gear. Other components, such as the fenders and tire covers are off of an old car. All of these parts, interesting enough on their own, come together to make a mechanical marvel, a true tribute to the skill and innovation of man. With thought and ingenuity, anything is possible and nothing should be wasted. Repurpose and salvage what you can, for you never know what type of destiny is right there waiting to be discovered.

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