LED Tractor Lights

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    Have you ever passed a vehicle on the road with LED (light-emitting diode) headlights? Did you notice how crisp and clear the beam is, seemingly illuminating everything in its path far more than the average headlight? LEDs have many advantages over other sources. In addition to the clarity they provide, they also offer lower energy consumption in addition to lasting longer. This makes them an excellent choice for vehicles because the longer life span of LEDs equates to longer lifespan in the batteries and alternators of the machinery in which they are used. This is why LEDs are an excellent source of light for your tractor.


    Unlike other incandescent bulbs, LEDs do not have a filament that will burn out. In essence they are composed of a series of tiny bulbs, each of which plug into a tiny socket of their own. The activity of electrons in a semiconductor material is what causes them to illuminate. They do not generate much heat, which enables them to be used for multiple purposes: remote controls, digital clocks, watches that light up, in household appliances, traffic lights, and even the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.

    LEDs are everywhere, but if they are not in your tractor, perhaps they should be. Consider the light output you need to get nighttime tasks completed. Perhaps your day got started late and you have some catching up to do, leaving you in the field longer than intended. Maybe you need to get that hay baled tonight before the rain rolls in tomorrow. With standard lights, you will get the job done...in time. With LED lights, you will get the job done...in less time.

    When it comes to outfitting your tractor, you have the choice of two types of directional output, that being the flood pattern and the trapezoidal pattern. To illuminate wide but short areas, flood pattern will get the job done. For a more general purpose, trapezoidal lights allow for long range visibility due to their narrow pattern. Combine the two and there won\'t be anything you can do, or see as the case may be. For even bigger, more demanding jobs, you can also add add a light bar to brighten up your night.

    Being better able to see in darkness is not only safer but will also make accomplishing your goals that much easier. Whichever option you choose, choose to give yourself the gift of sight at night.

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