January 2017 Tractor of the Month

  1. pogobill
    Here's a great looking tractor that was voted as "The Tractor of the Month" for January 2017. It belongs to long time member and contributor "sixbales" who hales from Texas.

    This Ford 3600 burned up in a fire back in 1991, was extensively repaired and put back into service.The attached picture show how it is today. Sixbales often say that he would never take on a project like that again, but the tractor has performed well over the past 25 years, and is more than happy with his restored tractor.

    Complimenting his 3600, sixbales has a Rhino TM100 Finish Mower and a King Kutter Tiller. Seems he puts them to good use with that pretty view he has from the seat of the tractor!

    Congratulation sixbales

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