Is Your Lawn Tractor Ready for Spring?

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    If you have not seen green grass peeking up out of the ground in your yard, the time is coming soon that you will. Spring is getting nearer and the world will soon be awash in green. In some areas this is already happening. In my neck of the woods, we conducted our first serious lawn mowing session of the year just yesterday. With many more to come, it is time to start thinking ahead to make sure your lawn tractor is ready for the upcoming work season and that you have good plans for using it.


    Oil, filters, and sparkplugs should be checked and changed if necessary. These things work to ensure that your machinery continues to run reliably and thus need to be maintained properly. If you did not winterize your lawn tractor before the cold weather set it, now is the time to give it the checkup it probably needs. Working on any potential problems now is going to be much more comfortable than working on them in the heat of the summer should something preventable occur.

    The mowing and mulching blades on your lawn tractor also might need to be sharpened. Mowing with a dull blade is less effective and will dull the presentation of your hard work. Blade sharpening is something that can be done professionally or by you at home if you have the tools and know how. Do keep in mind, however, that even a dull blade is sharp enough to cut you and that all moving parts should be disengaged and disconnected before you attempt to work on them to eliminate the possibility of injury.


    What to do with lawn clippings has been debated for a long time and in truth, it simply depends on your own personal plans. Collecting clippings for composting is advantageous and should be embraced if that is something you practice. Letting clippings fall where they may in the yard will save you some time, effort, and money on fertilizing as clippings will return nutrients back to the ground and grass, continuing a beneficial cycle.

    When you do start mowing, remember to do so at growth intervals. Rather than let grass grow tall between clippings, make it a point to cut it when it gets to a certain height. If you want to maintain a lawn that is three inches tall, never let it grow to more than five inches at the most. This will help prevent weeds from taking over and your lawn will stay thick and lush. Alternating your mowing pattern rather than taking the same track each time out will also help with soil compaction and keeping growth regular.


    With the days of mowing coming soon, now is the time to get your lawn tractor ready to go if you have not done so already. The hot days of summer will be here soon and the grass will be reaching for the sky with only you and your lawn tractor to keep it under control. Get ready to tackle that grass ahead of time because it will soon be getting ready to try and tackle you!

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