Heater Cabs for Cold Weather Work

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    In case you have not heard, that groundhog fella named Phil saw his shadow and this already blustery winter is expected to drag on for a spell longer. That is great news if you like ice, snow, and cold, but not so great if you have things to get done and need warm weather for that purpose. Spring is supposedly just over four weeks away now but let's agree not to hold our breath and believe it when we see it.

    Since it is still cold and there is plenty of work waiting to get underway in the near future, perhaps there are some customizations you can make to your tractor to get to work sooner. Working on a tractor in these frigid temperatures is bound to be uncomfortable at best and put you at risk of illness. Hopefully you will have a tractor with a cab to protect you from the elements, but if not, it may be time to throw in the towel and consider purchasing a Heater Cab to get you through.


    Heater Cabs come in different types of composition, such as plexiglass, plastic, or canvas. The way they work is by taking engine heat and containing it to the operator area to keep that person warm. The larger the tractor, the more warmth generated, and even though you will not be able to regulate that heat per se, you will be able to stay warm. Since heater cabs are custom made for your tractor model, a tight fit promises you will stay warm during winter work and chores.
    Winterizing is an easy thing to overlook when it comes to our own protection and comfort. We take every other step necessary to maintain and preserve our equipment just to turn around and neglect our bodies. It is time to put a stop to this practice and spring for something that will keep you warm. Winter may be almost over, but there is still plenty of 'almost' left to endure.


    Improvising your own heater cab is possible as seen above.

    The downside to a heater cab is that when summer does roll around, you are not going to want to be trapped in a confined space with heat from your engine. That said, using your heater cab partially during the summer months can give you a great option for a windshield as well as a dust shield unless you prefer to remove it entirely. If you are on the fence about making such an investment due to it having nothing to offer during the warmer months, think about how nice it is to get through a workday without the adding protein of swallowing any bugs.

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