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    Back in a day when the Ford Motor Company had no interest in tractors, Henry Ford was forced to create a different namesake to represent another branch of his work. In the year 1910, Henry Ford created an independent company dubbed \'Henry Ford and Son.\' It occurred to him to incorporate \'Ford Tractor\' into this new venture, but that name was already in use by another company, thus Henry For and Son, or Fordson, was meant to be.

    With the intention of creating a tractor for the every man, Fordson introduced a small, lightweight, and affordable tractor known as the Model F. It was built in the year 1916 and went into mass-production in 1917. For the price of $750.00, you could own a tractor with 20 horsepower liquid-cooled engine that was comprised of four cylinders powered by vaporized oil and a three speed constant mesh transmission with one reverse gear which allowed it to move at just over six miles per hour. For what it is worth, when you factor in inflation, $750.00 in 1917 is the equivalent of about $16,970.00 right now in 2014.


    The Fordson Model F was a two wheel drive with a 21 gallon fuel capacity. The wheelbase was 63 inches and it weighed in at 2,920lbs. Steering was manual and it had rear wheels measuring 42 inches tall by 12 inches wide. While engine horsepower came in at 20, this tractor boasted a power take off also of 20 horsepower. The drawbar was said to be 10 horsepower.

    Despite a few design flaw setbacks, Fordson tractors sold well overall and their use spread widely and rapidly throughout the United States and Canada. By the year 1925, less than ten years after becoming a reality, the 500,000th Fordson tractor had been built. By 1928, despite an economic downturn, the plant in Dearborn, Michigan had turned out its 552,799th tractors. That tractor would also be one of the last manufactured there, as production was moved to Ireland. Eventually Fordson was shortened to Ford before the tractor branch of the company was sold off in the 90\'s in its entirety, becoming the property of Fiat.


    It goes without saying that Fordson had a good run of tractor development and sales despite the economic issues plaguing the country at the time. In a time where money mattered but people still needed to get the job done, the Fordson Model F was there for those people to aid them with their toils. This tractor may be a thing of the past, but the past should be appreciated and embraced as a part of the present that is ours today.

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