Christmas Gifts for Tractor Enthusiasts

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    It's that time of year again, the time for St. Nick to squeeze down your chimney for a sampling of cookies and milk, and, if you're lucky, he will leave something behind for you to enjoy. Poor ol' St. Nick has a tough job when it comes to some of us though. Even if we were good all year and deserve the very best, surely he struggles with what to place under our trees and in our stockings. Inevitably, as we grow older, we become responsible and our need for things such as G. I. Joe is replaced by more practical needs. A box blade will not fit under the tree, however, so what is St. Nick to do?


    Well, St. Nick, here is a list to get you started:

    Tire Air Gauge
    Maintenance Log Book
    Portable Air Compressor
    Jumper Cables
    Hydraulic Jack
    Gas Cans
    Grease Gun (with Cartridges!)
    Shop Rags
    Hand Cleaner
    Hand Wrenches (Standard or Metric, oh my!)

    These gifts are all work-related, so perhaps padding the blow with some fun gifts is in order, too. You don't want to imply that someone needs to be working on Christmas, after all. Surely that is one day of the year meant to be taken off for family time, fun, good food, and relaxtion!

    What better to relax in than tractor flip flops?


    How about a tractor snack? Lollipops are sure to be a hit!


    A weather vane is great for enjoying a gentle breeze and knowing from where it came as well as where it might take you.


    Alas, when all is said and done and Christmas is over, one must know when it is time to get back to work!


    Regardless of what you purchase for the tractor lover in life, just remember that farm equipment deserves attention on Christmas just as much as anything else. Not only does that equipment work hard day in and day out, but it also provides sustenance for people all around the world. Keeping it in tip top shape with a Christmas offering is not only great for the life of that equipment but also the life and safety of the person operating that equipment. Having tools accessible to handle problems that arise allows for immediate attention to be given to those problems, which will in turn get that person done with work and back home quicker. Faulty equipment is dangerous equipment, so if you think it is silly to give someone a tractor maintenance gift for the holidays, think again. You could very well be saving their life in addition to warming their heart with holiday cheer.

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