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    Have you ever been faced with a tractor breakdown and been so frustrated that you wanted to scrap the whole thing and build your own? That is basically what happened to disenchanted fusion physicist Marcin Jakubowski. While working on his Ph. D., Jakubowski was faced with roadblocks and red tape that left him feeling like he was unable to make the contribution he hoped to make when embarking upon his educational journey. As a means of starting over, he decided to purchase rural land in Missouri. This 30 acre purchase was accompanied by a tractor, and a moody one at that.

    When his tractor broke down for the second time, Jakubowski decided to simply build his own. With components that were interchangeable and easy to repair, he created a tractor he dubbed LifeTrac. For the price of just $6,000, this tractor became a reality, and Jakubowski shared the plans online for free.


    Yes, free.

    Marcin Jakubowski is responsible for an agricultural open-source movement. Open-source means making software freely available for redistribution and modification. In other words, it's out there if you want it, for free, and you can take it and use it or expand on it to make it better. There is no fee for the plans, but if you're going to take on a project, you have to purchase your own materials to do so. It is merely the intellectual property that operates as a freebie.


    To make such freebies possible and to create more, Jakubowski created Open Source Ecology. With a goal of offering the world affordable methods to make successful farming possible, Open Source Ecology has undertaken the project of bringing to life 50 prototypes by the end of the year 2015. When this happens, as it happens, the plans will be available for you, to you, at no cost. Ultimately, once all of the successful prototypes have been achieved, a transition will happen. The Open Source Ecology team will go from creating to duplicating and will compose construction starter kits for people who wish to recreate their magic but need a little help. Four of these kits are currently available.


    If you ever thought you could build your own farm tractor, stop dreaming and start doing! If building a tractor for around $6,000 sounds a lot better than buying one for five times that amount, then it may well be worthwhile to see what you can create. Be it through your own experimentation or following plans and ideas set forth by Marcin Jakubowski and Open Source Ecology, it truly is possible to build your dreams.

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