April 2017 Tractor of the Month

  1. pogobill
    It was a very hard choice this month, but we've finally found a winner for the "Tractor of the Month" for April, in the form of this 1969 John Deere 60. Our winner, grnspot110, has been a regular contributor to our forum since August 01, 2010 and has given many of us some great and informative advice. As a retired Firefighter, he not only has he respect of his community at home, but also the respect of his friends here on Tractorforum!

    This project tractor started out as another one of those "Just see if I could" projects! Grnspot110 bought the tractor with a "blown" replacement 6 HP Tecumseh and had it for 2 years before deciding what to do with it! In his own words, grnspot110 let us in an a little bit of the history of this great build.....

    "I bought the little 60 some years ago from a "Thrifty
    Nickle" ad. I was going to an out of town hospital for some tests &
    had picked the paper up for something to read while I waited. Saw the ad in the
    "farm" section; "John Deere 60 lawn tractor, best offer over
    $85. When the tests were done ( I was sedated, so not allowed to drive), the
    wife said she would take me to see it if I wanted. Called the seller &
    should have been suspicious when he gave me directions "across the road
    from his property"! Got there to find a big area of junk, trash &
    weeds with the little 60 setting near the road. Made the deal for $90 &
    agreed to pick it up the next morning. Seller offered to have his "hefty
    daughter" help me load it if needed, I made sure I got there plenty early
    the next morning with plenty of chains to pull the 60 to the trailer & get
    the heck out of there!

    When I got to it some time later, the engine was destroyed,
    with JB weld over some of the holes in the block! I found an old Briggs engine
    for sale here in town & adapted it to fit the 60, no PTo, but did fine for
    towing. I had some worn JD 110/112 rear hubs on hand, so I took a couple of
    there to our local machine shop to have the splines bored out, holes drilled
    & threaded for set screws. Fenders were standard trailer fenders, found a
    set of narrow rims from a Cub Cadet. Front wheels were wheelbarrow wheels with
    tri-rib "tedder tires". The upright muffler was a standard small
    engine muffler with a piece of exhaust tubing over it & a big flat washer
    welded to each end. I used an "ammo box" to hold a motorcycle battery
    & ignition switch. The little guy made quite an impression at the tractor
    shows! When I decided it was time to downsize, I sold it out of state."

    Looks like a pretty good replica of the old John Deere Model "L"! Check out the registry entry here at http://www.tractorforum.com/tractor-registry/1969-l60custom-136.html
    Congratulations grnspot110!!

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