Belarus 400A Hydraulic Problems

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    Aug 8, 2013
    Hello all,
    I am new here.
    I bought a Belarus 400A diesel and run in some hydraulic problems. Hope somebody had this problem before and knows how to solve it since I am stuck here now.
    The tractor got a loader what does not work right. It feels like there is air in the pressure lines or a hydraulic filter is plugged. When I go up with the loader than it first goes down and than slowly up. Same the bucket first goes the wrong way and than the right way but bucket does not go all the way. Loader does go up all the way but very slow. I found that the hydraulic level was low and topped it up with about 4 liters of hydraulic fluid, found than out than 1 liter ran right out of the overflow. I thought it has to be topped up to the top since I did not see a maximum mark.
    I know that the hydraulic pump is working properly because the 3pth is lifting heavy equipment with ease.
    So now I was looking for a hydraulic filter what might be plugged???but I can not find one nowhere.
    Does someone has experience with that kind of tractors or hydraulic systems?
    Any help is greatly appreciated.