Belarus MTZ PTO problems?

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The PTO is engaged by a spring loaded brake band on a planetary gear just behind the take-off point. When you experience that the PTO is slipping, there are mainly two causes, either wrong spring load force, or worn brake bands (or too much load). It's a good exercise to deassemble the PTO when time is on your side, because you can't brake anything, but it will take some time to familiarise with alignments and adjustments. If you have depth control (like me), you have to remove the hitch brackets to get access to the lid on top, see picture. Under the lid you'll find the two adjusting screws as seen in the drawing. Remove them. Then drain the gear oil (40 liters or approx 76 pints). Remove bolts and take out the whole planetary gear assembly. Is is a lot simpler than it sounds like, but it will take som time the first time you do it. Study the manual pages I photographed, and see the pictures. Study the functionality of the adjustment system before taking it all apart or putting it back in. Final adjustment with the 10 mm fixing bolt on the side, I have found that 2 kg on a 1 meter arm on both adjustment screws is optimal. Good luck!

Belarus MTZ PTO problems? - ohb - 1430550647214-1928289659-250.jpgBelarus MTZ PTO problems? - ohb - 1430550544715-1479154943-249.jpgBelarus MTZ PTO problems? - ohb - dsc-1383-246.jpgBelarus MTZ PTO problems? - ohb - dsc-1378-245.jpgBelarus MTZ PTO problems? - ohb - dsc-1385-247.jpgBelarus MTZ PTO problems? - ohb - 1430550281454-1935245706-248.jpg
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May 2, 2015  •  07:35 AM
Thanks for a great article. Looking forward to more in the future.
May 2, 2015  •  11:38 AM
Oh, one more thing: the brake bands are tightened by a cam shaft that is accessible just above the pto shaft to the right. It might be partially covered by a shield. If the brake bands are somewhat worn, you can twist the cam slightly to tighten them up again. The cam shaft are fixed by a removable bracket with a star shaped hole for the shaft, and a fixation bolt for the tractor body. This is only a quick fix, and will not last long. Best to include the PTO in a 600 hours service interval.
June 12, 2015  •  10:12 PM
are those skys that i see on your AVITAR??