March 2017 Tractor of the Month

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This great looking 1932 Gibson 300 "D" belongs to ccdrumm84 who has been a member since 2012.
The Gibson Model "D" began with 22" rear tires, but eventually were upgraded to 24" rear tires on rims that were adjustable, giving it a 33" minimum tread and a maximum 53 1/4" width. Fenders were an option. The 'D' had 4.00 x 12 front tires and a wheel base of 46". It weighed in at almost 1000 pounds. They were initially painted Ford Tractor gray and red, and were promoted as being able to operate a 13 1/2 " plow and handle two to three acres per day .

ccdrumm84's 1932 Gibson model 300 D was reconditioned around 2009 by his father, who spent a lot of time and effort in making the project just right. He also has another 300 D parts tractor.

Congratulations to ccdrumm84!

March 2017 Tractor of the Month - pogobill - march-2017-tractor-winner-ccdrumm84-gibson300d-256.jpg
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April 17, 2017  •  01:24 PM
Brings back good memories.